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Milk Proteins are rich in lactose and essential amino acids, and offer nourishing, hydrating and moisturizing properties to the skin
  • Dermazero Crème Lavante Hydratante 300mL
    Specially formulated for dry skin, Dermazero only provides your skin with the essential elements it needs. Enriched in glycerin and milk proteins, the exclusive formula helps prevent cutaneous dryness. Hypoallergenic, physiological pH, soap free, paraben free, clinically tested on dry skin....read more
    AED 70
  • Lait Bain Douche Hydratant Peau Sèches 300mL
       Specially formulated to cleanse dry and sensitive skins while maintaining their natural hydration. Enriched with glycerin and milk proteins, it protects the skin from dryness. Thanks to its soothing oils (olive oil and sweet almond oil) it helps to rebuild the hydrolipidic film, bringing long-lasti...read more
    AED 80
  • Lingettes Extra Douces 15 Lingettes
       For sensitive mucous membranes, these extra soft wipes are specially developed to ensure softness, protection and freshness wherever you are. Enriched with aloe vera and chitoglycan, they help to provide you a long lasting protection against undesirable odours and guarantee your confort and well-bei...read more
    AED 45
  • Manuka Conditioner 265ml
       Dr Organic Manuka Conditioner is a great, effective conditioner that nourishes and moisturises the scalp, suitable for all hair types. It replenishes the hair’s natural condition by coating and penetrating the external cellular keratin fibre of each follicle, allowing the bioactive organic extrac...read more
    AED 57
  • by  Elemis
       Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel is a natural exfoliating fruit enzyme action of Papaya and Pineapple smooth, that brightens and clarifies the complexion. This unique, non-granular exfoliating cream contains nourishing Milk Protein, Anti-Oxidant-rich Vitamin E and Marine algae to moisturise, repair and p...read more
    AED 234
  • Savon Lait Surgras Hydratant 100mL
    Developed for washing dry and very dry skins, its concentrated milky complex formula (glycerin and milk proteins) daily moisturises and prevents skin dryness. Enriched in surgras agents, it respects the integrity of the skin and provides a 3 times more hydrating power than a classical soap....read more
    AED 35
  • Soin Toilette Intime Extra Doux 200mL
       Formulated for daily intimate cleansing, its formula enriched with natural camomile extract provides gentle cleansing. Its physiological-regulating complex helps preserve and protect your intimate balance. Physiological pH, soap free, paraben free, hypoallergenic, tolerance tested under gynaecologic...read more
    AED 65
  •    Dr Organic Vitamin E Conditioner is a nourishing conditioner suitable for all hair types. A deeply soothing and effective conditioner formulated to lock in moisture, which restores natural condition by penetrating and coating the hair’s external fibres and cellular keratin matrix, promoting rehyd...read more
    AED 57
  • Cellulite EGF Lotion 200mL
    by  Cellucur
       Medical research has confirmed that strengthening of the connective tissue (cellulite treatment) can only work if blood flow is improved and the connective tissue matrix is strengthened. Cellucur EGF- lotion is a tensioning lotion rich in active agents for improving the skins structure. The egf-comp...read more
    AED 200
  • EGF-Complex Repair Cream 30mL
    by  Cellucur
       The rich, stabilizing repair cream for stressed and mature skin in the cellucur program. Ideal for sensitive, irritable skin. Egf complex contains skin identical epidermal growth factors (cytokines) which make egf-complex repair cream so effective. The skin recovers its complexion and irritability ...read more
    AED 200