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PMD Personal Microderm Device Classic

by  PMD
AED 656
A hand-held microdermabrasion tool to help smooth away the visible signs of aging.

PMD Personal MicroDerm Microdermabrasion System restores the look and feel of a healthy, youthful complexion. The unique system utilizes aluminum oxide crystals to gently exfoliate dulling, dead dermal cells, softening the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while evening tone and smoothing texture. Includes instructional DVD.

Included in the box: PMD Personal Microderm, electrical power cord, 1 body cap, 1 facial cap, 4 blue disks, 2 green discs, 1 white training disc, 1 reusable disc, instructional DVD and Manual
Power Cord
STEP 1: Assembly Place disc on motor shaft. Simply push on tightly. To remove; Pull off. Important: There are 2 disc sizes. One for the body and one for the face. See recommended usage below. Place the cap over the disc. Screw 1/4 turn and seal tight. There must be a seal in order to create the vacuum and suction. Connect cord to unit and power supply and plug in. STEP 2: Wash Your Skin Cleanse and Wash. Remove all oil, makeup, and dirt. Make sure your hair is out of the way and covered or pulled back off of your face. STEP 3: Technique Pull skin tight for a smooth surface. Place your fingers on the skin and stretch the skin so that it is tight where the tip will make contact with the skin. Keep the unit moving constantly over your skin. Do not hover in one spot. Be sure the cap is flush with your skin, maintaining even contact. This will ensure a proper suction. Th motor sound will change when suction occurs. Small Disc: Use the small disc around tight spots on the nose or where your bones will not allow suction. The large disc should only be used on the body and not on the face. STEP 4: Treatment Use light pressure with early treatments. As you become skilled with this tool you can become more aggressive and use more pressure. Be careful not to grind to deep. Move the disc in upward and horizontal motions until you have treated all areas of the surface. If you have trouble spots take a little more time on these areas. Be careful not to press to hard or stay to long in one place. Keep the disc moving over the surface or your skin.
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Works perfectly Review by Nada
I recieved this product last week, i have tried it twice, it really works. You have see all your dead skin on the attatched filter after you are done, leaves you afterwords with baby soft skin. Im looking forward forbthe long run realuts. (Posted on 5/28/17)
hassle free beauty regimen Review by Maria
THis is a must have for all who wants to exfoliate theirs skin once a week at the comfort of their home. brilliant result and money is worth it! (Posted on 11/8/15)