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Hydrating Cream 113g

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ZO Skin Health Hydrating Cream is a soothing face moisturizer designed to smooth sensitized skin and diminish the appearance of red patches.   With a blend of Peptides, Colloidal Oatmeal, and the brand's patent complex, ZO Skin Health Hydrating Cream enhances the skin's healing process and boosts skin health by restoring its hydration levels and reinforcing its barrier function.   The cream reduces visible dry, red patches, temporarily relieves irritation, and calms flare-ups, while neutralizing free radicals, and keeping the skin soft, hydrated, comfortable, and protected with regular use.   Suitable for normal to dry skin, including sensitive ones.     ZO Skin Health Hydrating Cream Benefits: - Hydrates the skin - Heals and soothes dry, sensitized skin - Delivers anti-redness benefits - Limits flare-up occurrence - Leaves the skin healthy, smooth, and less red